Before You Apply

Before submitting your application, read through the “Checks 1 to 7) below and familiarize yourself with the details. You are advised to carefully check and select your intended host institution and study programme of your choice, before submitting the application.

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Check 1 – Target Group

Check 2 – Eligibility Criteria

Check 3 – Consortium

Check 4 – Selection

Check 1 – Target Group
Target Group 1 (TG1): 

These are African nationals and/or individuals registered in one of the Higher Education Institutions that is member of PAMAPS Partnership. In order to be considered eligible for TG1, you must receive a formal support letter (letter of recommendation signed by a senior lecturer or Dean) of the Higher Education Institutions that is member of PAMAPS Partnership (home institution).

Target Group 2 (TG2):

These are African nationals and individuals registered in a Higher Education Institution of African countries not included in the PAMAPS Partnership, or who have obtained a Higher Education Institution degree or equivalent from one of the institution of these countries.

Check 2 – Eligibility Criteria
For students mobility

In order to be eligible for a PAMAPS scholarship under this Intra-ACP EU funded project, applicant must:

  1. Be a national of one of the AFRICAN Countries.
  2. Have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses or of one of the official languages of teaching in the hosting countries.
  3. Belong to either Target Group I or Target Group II


For academic and administrative staff:

The staff mobility, academic and administrative staff, offers additional opportunities of personal and professional development, through the possibility of doing practical training, researching and teaching in a partner institution. This type of mobility always involves the active participation in teaching, research and in the daily life office activities. By submitting his/her application the applicant must be aware not only of the eligibility criteria but also of the tasks that the mobility will demand.

In order to be eligible for a PAMAPS scholarship, the academic and administrative staff applying to a mobility scholarship must:

  1. Be a national of one of one of the AFRICAN countries of the PAMAPS partners institution;
  2. Have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses or of one of the official languages currently spoken in the hosting countries;
  3. Work for full time in a PAMAPS partner University;
  4. Base the mobility activities on the partnership agreements and the sustainability strategy defined by the members of PAMAPS partnership;
  5. Agree with the home and host universities on the programme of activities, namely: lectures or administrative work to be delivered by the visiting staff; the research activities to be carried out; the type of training to be followed; etc.

In general terms the selection process will be give priority to mobility flows that:

  1. promote the implementation of new cooperation activities such as bilateral agreement for mobility implementation;
  2. foresee the participation of the staff in seminars, workshops on relevant topics for the cooperation of both Universities;
  3. allow the expansion/creation of local and regional management and organizational structures, such as research groups;
  4. contribute to the strengthening of the international cooperation capacity of Higher Education institutions involved in the partnership; prepare future cooperation projects between institutions.

Check 3 – Consortium
University of Ibadan, Nigeria – http://ui.edu.ng/

University of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – www.aau.edu.et

University of Cape Town, South Africa  – www.uct.ac.za

University of Lagos, Nigeria – www.unilag.edu.ng

University of Nairobi, Kenya – www.uonbi.ac.ke

University of Yaoundé I, Cameroon – www.uy1.uninet.cm

Check 4 – Selection
After the application deadline, first the local PAMAPS Academic Evaluation Committee and then the PAMAPS Mobility Selection Committee will review all applications. Only complete applications will be considered for selection. Your application is complete if you have uploaded all the requested documents. The home and host universities of the consortium will work with PAMAPS Mobility Selection Committee to evaluate the applications based upon the following criteria:

  • Academic merit
  • Motivation for the mobility period
  • Learning Agreement or Study Plan (for master’s students)
  • Research/Teaching Plan (for PhD and academic staff)

Please, note that there may be other criteria defined internally by each partner institution of the PAMAPS project, so it is strongly recommended that the applicants contact the contact person or course coordinator of each institution, and get detailed information about the eligibility criteria for mobility established internally in that institution.