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UCT aspires to become a premier academic meeting point between South Africa, the rest of Africa and the world. Taking advantage of expanding global networks and our distinct vantage point in Africa, we are committed, through innovative research and scholarship, to grapple with the key issues of our natural and social worlds. We aim to produce graduates whose qualifications are internationally recognised and locally applicable, underpinned by values of engaged citizenship and social justice. UCT will promote diversity and transformation within our institution and beyond, including growing the next generation of academics.

Foundation statement underpinning the mission statement

Our research-led identity is shaped by a commitment to:

  • academic freedom as the prerequisite to fostering intellectual debate and free enquiry;
  • ensuring that research informs all our activities including teaching, learning and service to the community;
  • advancing and disseminating knowledge that addresses the key challenges facing society – South African, continental and global;
  • protecting “curiosity driven research”;
  • nurturing and valuing creativity in the sciences and arts including the performing and creative arts;
  • stimulating international linkages of researchers and research groupings.

We strive to provide a superior quality educational experience for undergraduate and postgraduate students through:

  • providing an intellectually and socially stimulating environment;
  • inspired and dedicated teaching and learning;
  • exposure to the excitement of creating new knowledge;
  • stimulating the love of lifelong learning;
  • the cultivation of competencies for global citizenship;
  • supporting programmes that stimulate the social consciousness of students;
  • offering access to courses outside the conventional curricula;
  • attracting a culturally and internationally diverse community of scholars;
  • guaranteeing internationally competitive qualifications;
  • offering a rich array of social, cultural, sporting and leadership opportunities;
  • providing an enabling physical and operational environment.

In advancing UCT as an Afropolitan university, we will:

  • expand our expertise on Africa and offer it to the world;
  • extend our networks on the continent, along with our global connections and partnerships;
  • promote student and staff exchanges and collaborative research and postgraduate programmes;
  • engage critically with Africa’s intellectuals and world views in teaching and research;
  • contribute to strengthening higher education on our continent.

We strive to provide an environment for our diverse student and staff community that:

  • promotes a more equitable and non-racial society;
  • supports redress in regard to past injustices;
  • is affirming and inclusive of all staff and students and promotes diversity in demographics, skills and backgrounds;
  • offers individual development opportunities to all staff;
  • is welcoming as a meeting space for scholars from Africa and around the world.
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University of Cape Town http://www.health.uct.ac.za/ M Health Economics Prof John Ataguba

Researcher/ Lecturer

+27 21 406-6754 johnataguba@yahoo.co.uk
University of Cape Town http://www.health.uct.ac.za/ M Community Eye Health Prof Colin Cook

Mauerberger Chair of Ophthalmology

Head : Division of Ophthalmology

Groote Schuur Hospital and Red Cross Children’s Hospital


+27 214066216 colin.cook@uct.ac.za


University of Cape Town http://www.health.uct.ac.za/ MSc Audiology and Speech Language Pathology Dr Michal Harty



21406 6313



University of Cape Town http://www.health.uct.ac.za/ MSc in Biomedical Engineering Prof Tania Douglas

Deputy Dean: Research in Faculty of Health Sciences

+27 21 406 6730 tania.douglas@uct.ac.za
University of Cape Town http://www.health.uct.ac.za/ MSc in Emergency Medicine Prof Lee Wallis

Professor of Emergency Medicine and

Head of Emergency Medicine at Western Cape Government


+27 219489908 Lee.wallis@uct.ac.za
University of Cape Town http://www.health.uct.ac.za/ M Health Systems Prof Lucy Gilson


Health Policy and Systems Division, School of Public Health and Family Medicine, University of Cape Town and

Health Economics and Systems Analysis Group, Dept. Global Health and Development, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


Tel +27-21-406-6272

Mobile +27-83-743-9108




University of Cape Town http://www.health.uct.ac.za/ Clinical Research and M Public Health in General and Epidemiological Prof Landon Myer:

Head: Division of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

School of Public Health & Family Medicine

University of Cape Town

Anzio Road

Observatory 7925

Cape Town, South Africa


Tel: +27 (021) 406 6661

Fax: +27 (021) 406 6764




University of Cape Town http://www.health.uct.ac.za/ MSc in Bioinformatics Nicola Mulder

Node Manager

+27 21 406 6058 nicola.mulder@uct.ac.za
University of Cape Town http://www.health.uct.ac.za/ Doctorate in Philosophy Adri Winckler

Manager: PG Student Administration Faculty of Health Sciences

+27 21 406-6327



Principal Officers

Prof Colin Cook
Prof Colin Cook
Prof Landon Myer
Prof Landon Myer
Prof Lucy Gilson
Prof Lucy Gilson
Adri Winckler
Adri Winckler
Prof Lee Wallis
Prof Lee Wallis
Prof Tania Douglas
Prof Tania Douglas

University of Cape Town

Private bag
X3 Rondebosch,
7701 Cape Town,
South Africa


International Academic Programmes Office,
University of Cape Town,
Private bag X3 Rondebosch,
7701 Cape Town,
South Africa

Tel: + 27 21 650 2822
Fax: + 27 21 650 5667
E-mail: carol.ojwang@uct.ac.za